Just Add Heat E-Liquid | 30ml |

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Another great liquid line from Wisconsin. Always innovative and smooth.


Darkside - Top selling e-liquid of 2016!
From another galaxy it seemed, this beautiful melody of Blueberry, Raspberry, and Dragon Fruit appeared. As dark as the night sky itself.

What made you love those summer days as a kid? Pull that Dreamsicle out of the freezer one more time with this refreshing orange cream!

Six Shooter 
Saddle up partner! This here ale is an Old Style Root Beer with a beautiful hint of Vanilla. Don't you wish you were a cowboy?

The all day vape  you've always wanted. Coupled with smooth Strawberry, Banana, and peach, this liquid will turn your summer days at work or home into that vacation you may or may not have been saving for.


Delicious pineapple cheesecake. Newest flavor full of that sweet tropical taste fresh from the bakery. Perfect to share with your own sweety or keep all for yourself!

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