InvisiVAPE Car Kit

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Product description

InvisiVape was formed out of the need for a solution that allowed vapors the ability to vape in their cars without the constant need to clean the interior windows due to fogging or hazing created by the vapor residue. InvisiVape worked with a team of chemists in a professional laboratory to create a solution that was not only easy to apply, but that creates a barrier on windows and windshields allowing for safe visibility and minimal need for cleaning. This product is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic.

Kit contains:

1oz. spray bottle of InvisiVAPE, a 6"x6" microfiber application cloth and storage pouch.

• Clean interior windshield with window cleaner.
• Apply two sprays to cloth (about 6 inches away) and wipe half of windshield evenly.
• Apply one additional spray to damp side of cloth and complete windshield.
*If hazing or swirls appear, too much InvisiVAPE has been applied. To fix, apply one spray onto dry side of cloth and wipe area clean.

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