Hohm Tech Hohm Grown 26650 Battery | 4307mAh 51.6A

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Hohm Grown 26650 Battery From Hohm Tech

·         4307mAh Capacity

·         32.3A CDR/CC | 51.6A Pulse & Peak

·         Can be charged at a tested/ proven 4.30A rating

·         Performance, capacity, and safety all in one. Built to tackle the task other 26650s fail at

·         Mn and Mn inert replaced by additional 1.9% Cobalt (Co) & Nickel (Ni) proprietary levels

o   Exceeds all previous designs and chemistry results with greater amperage and capacity

·         Utilizes EPTC (Enhanced Positive Thermal Coefficient) Ring

o   Reduction in Thermal Runaway potential

·         Updated Poly Seal (refined bitumen infused poly)

o   Enhances security of seal & proper operation

·         Cathode Tap modified to UHPAI & -0.3mm length

o   Ultra-High Purity Aluminum & reduced internal resistance

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