Making the Switch from Juul

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Making the Switch from Juul

We will no longer be selling Juul devices or pods as of October 14th, 2019.

It is important for us as an industry to separate ourselves from big tobacco.

In December 2018, Altria purchased 35% of Juul. Altria is big tobacco (Marlboro) an industry we are against. Recently Juul replaced their CEO with an Altria employee and their Chief Regulatory Officer is now also an Altria employee.

We feel their recent merging with big tobacco, their decision to separate from the Vapor Technology Association (VTA), and their stance on banning flavors shows they are not working for the vaping industry.

They are also attributing to the cause of the rise in youth vaping due to previous marketing. We want our products to be used by adults only and Juul does not fit those standards.

Our first goal from day one as a company is to offer a nicotine replacement to end cigarette usage which causes 500,000+ deaths each year. Our second goal is to lower the nicotine level consumed over time to end the addiction of nicotine. With Juul products only offering high level nicotine options, this does not allow us to accomplish our second goal.

We will be offering a buyback program for all Juul devices and sealed pods to encourage people to switch away from Juul. Visit your local VapinUSA for more details.


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